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We'll give you the best trained, most passionate teachers in the world

Our teachers are the only baby swim teachers who hold Swim England's Level 3 qualification, the highest that can be achieved. And not only are they experts in their field (or in this case, water); they're also the most dedicated people you'll ever meet, committed to giving you and your baby the best experience possible. 

We'll build your child's water confidence

The sense of achievement and freedom your baby will feel from learning and showing off those aquatic skills will grow their confidence in the water. We use equipment like woggles and floats to allow little ones to complete skills independently. And water confidence builds life confidence too, so you'll really see them flourish on dry land. 

We'll nurture your child's physical and emotional development from birth

Our programme has been structured in line with child development milestones and the early years foundation stage framework. Movements and skills we teach in the water help to stimulate your baby's brain development, helping them to grow both physically and emotionally. Time spent in the water bonding with you and other classmates also helps build their social skills. 

We'll help strengthen the bond between you and your child

We put the focus on the two of you, away from the craziness of life. So you can have that special one-on-one time with your little one. Our ethos is to teach you to teach your little one to swim, so you practice your new-found skills away from the lesson. Skin-to-skin contact is proven to help strengthen the bond between you and your baby, so we'll encourage lots of cuddles and interaction between the two of you. 

We'll give you the warmest of welcomes

We treat every single one of our carers and babies like family. We'll make you laugh, we'll make you smile. And we'll be here to cheer you up when things get a little too much. And if you ever can't make a lesson, our teachers will work hard to catch you up so you're never left behind.

We'll always put the safety and well being of your child before anything else

Safety is at the heart of what we do. From day one, we'll teach you and your baby the importance of safety in the water. There's nothing more important than knowing that your little one has the skills to keep themselves away from danger.


Service is great, couldn’t fault it on anything. I’m more than happy and not only that so is my daughter. I was apprehensive at first and it took me a while to finally decide for Kyra to start Water Babies but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Absolutely phenomenal.


Water Babies is FAB

My son and I have loved our water babies journey - it's great fun and teaches important skills not only swimming but how to be safe - and FLOAT!!

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Great experience for baby and me

It was a great experience, my son loved spending time in the water and he bonded a lot with our instructor. I was amazed to see how quickly he learned and was picking up new things while spending time with me and bonding through swimming.


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