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New year, new swimwear

Are you prepared for the pool? Whether you’re joining us or jumping back into class, we’ve got you covered.

From Happy Nappys to onesies, our shop has everything you could possibly need to get started on your swimming adventure or keep up with your little one’s needs and growth spurts.

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Service is great, couldn’t fault it on anything. I’m more than happy and not only that so is my daughter. I was apprehensive at first and it took me a while to finally decide for Kyra to start Water Babies but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Absolutely phenomenal.


Water Babies is FAB

My son and I have loved our water babies journey - it's great fun and teaches important skills not only swimming but how to be safe - and FLOAT!!

Trusted Customer

Great experience for baby and me

It was a great experience, my son loved spending time in the water and he bonded a lot with our instructor. I was amazed to see how quickly he learned and was picking up new things while spending time with me and bonding through swimming.


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