Welcome To Oceans Of Imagination

Learning to swim has never been so immersive

Welcome To A World Of Swimagination

There are few things in life more important than teaching little ones how to swim. 

Our Oceans of Imagination puts children at the heart to give a lifelong love of swimming. The immersive programme has been built around engaging water quests and missions for little ones between 0–5-years old, to learn core aquatic skills, water safety and swimming strokes. 

Through reward and recognition of their swimming progression, this will incentivise children to learn and progress as well as help them and their families, to gain a deeper understanding of the value of learning to swim.

Our Water Babies world, Oceans of Imagination, is an immersive swimming experience where little ones learn a skill for life. You’ll be guided by our team of Swimvincibles, on your own, individual swimming adventure, tailored to your needs.

Meet The Swimvincibles

Introducing the Swimvincibles – a group of swimming superheroes on a mission to help children of all ages learn a skill for life. They’ve ventured from their magical islands to bring water confidence, share their swimming skills, and love of the water with babies, toddlers, and children through fun adventures and play. With their unique skill sets and distinct personalities, their stories inspire children to become Swimvincible. As they journey through the ‘Oceans of Imagination’ little ones will be guided by our team of Swimvincibles on their own, individual adventure, tailored to their needs, earning Water Babies Treasures and swimming awards along the way. 

Team Pearl

Pearl is our youngest Swimvincible and keen to learn everything. For our littlest water babies below the age of 1, they’ll join Pearl’s team to learn key skills, water safety and confidence through purposeful play, singing and repetition.

Click below to meet Pearl and discover more about what you’ll be learning in lessons.

When you're ready, we're ready.

Team Saffi

Saffi is our Water Safety Officer and is always shining a light on the importance of being safe in and around water at Lighthouse Lagoon. With her bustling energy, little ones aged around 1 to 2 years old will join her team to progress their swimming skills and learn new strokes.

Click below to learn more about all the skills you’ll learn with Saffi in her team.

Ready to start swimming?

Team Echo

Echo is our Head of Scientific Research, and will teach toddlers around 2 to 3 years of age all the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits swimming can bring. He’ll be on hand to educate and excite swimmers in his team to continue achieving their lesson outcomes and working towards their Level 1 Swim England award.

Watch and see how you’ll progress your swimming skills and water confidence in Team Echo.

Team Sculli

Sculli is our Head of Core Aquatic Skills, who is always gliding around Floating Forest ready to educate new swimmers she meets. She’ll support children around 3 to 4 years old to perfect their rotation, floating and breathing skills in lessons to grow their water confidence.

Click on the video below to explore everything you’ll achieve in with Sculli, as you get closer to becoming a Swimvincbile.

Ready to start swimming?

Team Finn

Finn is our Chief Swim Co-Ordinator, ready to teach our 4 to 5 year old water babies to be swimming superstars. Living on Cloudfish Cove, he’ll ensure all of the Water Babies Treasures and Swim England Level 2 Award has been collected for children to graduate and become a Swimvincible!

Click below to see how your lessons with Finn will help you to perfect your swimming skills, and collect your remaining Water Babies Treasures and swimming awards.

Ready to start swimming?

Your Journey through Oceans of Imagination

As you progress through our magical Oceans of Imagination world with The Swimvincibles, you’ll visit mystical islands to collect Water Babies Treasures and swimming awards.

You’ll celebrate everything you’ve learnt and worked towards in lessons during ‘badge weeks,’ where you’ll visit Cloudfish Cove, Floating Forest, Lighthouse Lagoon to collect your badge, and celebrate your achievements with class mates, as you’ve all worked so hard on learning new swimming skills! Watch below to travel through your experience with us. 

Explore Our Islands

We have four magical islands for your little one to discover – they cover a mix of core aquatic skills, swimming strokes and water safety milestones, created and defined with our Water Babies in mind. Each week you'll visit a different island, and with the help of our Swimvincibles; learn key swimming skills to build your little ones water confidence.

Cloudfish Cove is where swimming strokes rule and home to Finn where you'll perfect your swimming strokes. You'll visit Sculli on Floating Forest to practice your core aquatic skills. On Lighthouse Lagoon, alongside Saffi, you'll work on everything Water Safety. You'll also take a trip to Mystery Island where legend says this remote island can become whatever you want it to be.

As you progress through the programme with our Team of Swimvincibles, your little one will work towards key swimming skills and collecting Water Babies Treasures along the way!

But don't just take it from us, let our Global Brand Ambassador Alice Dearing tell you all about it!

Are you ready to become Swimvincible? The adventure awaits…

So what are you waiting for? The adventure awaits…