Meet Sculli


Our Head of Core Aquatic Skills

A really positive spirit, when Sculli’s not thinking about how to improve children’s core aquatic skills she’s making things from the pieces of driftwood she’s found in and around Floating Forest, her island home. Always floating around looking for someone to help, she’s never happier than when she’s surrounded by nature. She's always motivating everyone by saying, “Push and glide, now smile with pride.”

Floating Forest

Where you'll perfect your core aquatic skills.

If you want to nail your core aquatic skills, get yourself over to Floating Forest – an island of dense jungle. Grab a thick branch you can use as a woggle; the beautifully clear water is the perfect place to float face down, blow a few bubbles and stare at the colourful fish. Core aquatic skills are the building blocks of learning to swim. They’re the basic skills that children need in order to float in the water and start swimming.

Meet The Swimvincibles

Introducing the Swimvincibles – a group of swimming superheroes on a mission to help children of all ages learn a skill for life. They’ve ventured from their magical islands to bring water confidence, share their swimming skills, and love of the water with babies, toddlers, and children through fun adventures and play. With their unique skill sets and distinct personalities, their stories inspire children to become Swimvincible. As they journey through the ‘Oceans of Imagination’ little ones will be guided by our team of Swimvincibles on their own, individual adventure, tailored to their needs, earning Water Babies Treasures and swimming awards along the way. 

Explore Our Islands

We have four magical islands for your little one to discover – they cover a mix of core aquatic skills, swimming strokes and water safety milestones, created and defined with our Water Babies in mind. Each week you'll visit a different island, and with the help of our Swimvincibles; learn key swimming skills to build your little ones water confidence.

Cloudfish Cove is where swimming strokes rule and home to Finn where you'll perfect your swimming strokes. You'll visit Sculli on Floating Forest to practice your core aquatic skills. On Lighthouse Lagoon, alongside Saffi, you'll work on everything Water Safety. You'll also take a trip to Mystery Island where legend says this remote island can become whatever you want it to be.

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