Love Your Teacher

We may be slightly bias...but our Water Babies teachers are in a league of their own. As the best trained baby swimming teachers in the world, they spend everyday teaching little ones across the globe the lifesaving skill of learning how to swim.

Our teachers are real people in real communities all over the world. You can get to know them a little bit better by tapping on their stories below.

What makes our teachers so special?

We’re the only baby swimming school in the world that can award our teachers with their highest qualification. We’ve worked closely with Swim England and have developed our teacher qualification and training programme in partnership with them to become world-beating teachers of 0-5 year olds.  So you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re really learning from the best.  

And not only are they experts in their field (or in this case, water); they're also passionate, warm, dedicated, supportive...the list is endless. They're ready to guide you through that initial uncertainty, developing your little one to transform them into strong, confident, independent swimmers. 

Ready to start swimming?

So what does it take to become a Water Babies teacher?

  • Shadowing a Water Babies teacher for a total of 10 hours in live classes.
  • Completing levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Swim England teaching qualifications.
  • A 7 day intensive residential course with 8-10 hours in the pool training every single day. 
  • Teaching a total of 22 live monitored classes with video and face-to-face assessments.
  • More post-coursework to round off everything that they've learned.

Once these steps have been completed, they will achieve the bespoke qualification created by Water Babies in partnership with Swim England. This is known as the 'Swim England Level 3 Teaching  Pre-School Swimming Advanced Qualification' (wow, that's a mouth full!)

They're the best of the best

No teacher at any other swim school in the world is able to achieve the Swim England Level 3 Teaching Advanced qualification, therefore working towards and gaining this allows our teachers to officially say that they are the best of the best in teaching baby and toddler swimming! 

It doesn't get any better than that!

What our teachers stand for

  • Our lessons are truly baby centred. And because we understand that each child works at their own pace, we tailor each activity and skill to them. We never push, we only progress. It’s only when we understand their needs that we can help them grow.

  • We have a thirst to learn. And that’s why we’re the leading, biggest swim school in the world. We don’t do things by half measures. We’re constantly evolving our programme, developing our teachers and challenging the status quo.

  • There’s a lot of science behind that play in the pool. Our programme is carefully structured to reflect key moments in your little one’s development. And not only are we nurturing their physical and emotional growth, but we’re also doing it with boundless enthusiasm, a song (or ten) and a smile.

  • It’s true. Whether your little one has mastered a new skill or overcome a tricky time, all the things your baby experiences in the water will help them make waves on dry land too, eager for any new challenge that awaits them.

  • We’re passionate about people. Our teachers remember every baby they teach, because they genuinely care. They’ll ask you about your day, if your little one is sleeping better and how their first day of nursery went. You’ll feel like you’re talking to a friend, because you are.

  • We create the atmosphere of a party in the pool. But without the cake fuelled hyperactivity. Just from the pure joy that each lesson brings. Because we believe that learning is done best when it’s made fun.

Ready to meet your Water Babies teacher?