Claire Edwards

"I first got involved with Water Babies when my little girl Lily was just six weeks old. I joined my local class and right from the very first lesson I was hooked. 

When Daisy came along, her dad took her to the pool and I watched from the side because I just didn't want to miss out. So when an opportunity came along for me to help out, whether that was at exhibitions or meeting and greeting the parents, I jumped at the chance. I just wanted to soak up anything and everything Water Babies.  

I soon became a teacher, leaving my nursery career behind. I do have the best job in the world and the most rewarding part is seeing the transformation of the tiny babies at the start into confident, independent swimmers.  I also started to help out at photo shoots, and then became a dipper. 

From there, I then become a mentor. This means I support the new teachers. It's a very intensive but extremely worthwhile process; seeing them inspired, nurturing their skills and watching them grow in confidence. I'm now a franchisee for Water Babies North Wales, can you believe it?! And I'm totally in love with it. All my dreams have come true."