Amie Jefferson

"Since a young age, I’ve always had a passion for swimming. It was always the sport that I loved to compete in. I went through all of the stages in swimming lessons and enjoyed them as a child, but there wasn’t anything around like Water Babies when I was a baby or toddler. My mum always says that she would have jumped at the chance of doing Water Babies with me if she could have back then. 

After graduating from university I knew I wanted to teach. I taught PE and extra-curricular sports at a local primary school, and just found my niche. It was when I discovered Water Babies that everything clicked. Watching the lessons from poolside, I was astonished at what the children were capable of at such a young age and wanted to be part of it. Since then, I've never looked back.  

I’ve now taught for Water Babies for five years and I’m lucky enough to also be the Client Services Manager for the Water Babies Devon and Somerset. This gives me a special balance of knowing how much work and thought goes into the business as well as all things aquatics. I’m proud to be part of an amazing team that shares the same passion and values. The structured programme is one of a kind and I have loved watching it grow and advance.  

When I'm in the water, I smile from ear to ear continuously while teaching. It’s so rewarding being the first teacher to those teeny, tiny babies and seeing them become toddlers who can swim independently at just four years old. Building brilliant relationships with carers and watching the children grow into these fabulous little people, there's really nothing like it. My toddlers are achieving their 5 metres, 10 metres and some 25 metres certificates at just four years old! 

Teaching these super little humans is invaluable. But knowing that the skill they have learnt could save lives is the ultimate reward, and I'm so proud to be teaching something so extraordinary."