Introducing Oceans of Imagination – the new Water Babies world

The world’s leading baby, toddler and early years swimming school, Water Babies, has launched a brand-new immersive experience for its customers in lessons, providing families of all shapes, sizes, and blends a swimming journey to help little ones learn a skill for life. Welcome to ‘Oceans of Imagination.’

With over 20 years’ experience and teaching over half a million children how to swim, Water Babies has evolved the traditional concept of swimming lessons into something that feels fresh, even more rewarding, and super-exciting. 

‘Oceans of Imagination’ will take little ones on a vibrant and stimulating learning journey. Using tried and tested techniques, children will unlock new challenges as their skills develop and they uncover missions around core aquatic skills, swimming strokes, and water safety milestones. Fun and swimming progress will go hand-in-hand through purposeful play. 

How Does It Work? 

Oceans of Imagination immerses children into a fantastical world with five dynamic characters known as The Swimvincibles to encourage a passion and awareness of the water. Meet: 

Finn – Chief Swim Coordinator 
Sculli – Head of Core Aquatic Skills 
Saffi – Water Safety Officer 
Echo – Head of Scientific Research 
Pearl – Junior Swimvincible 

Four islands – each representing a core area of swimming – have been created where children will work towards achieving key  milestones to collect stickers, certificates and badges to recognise the progression made within their swimming skills. Join them on: 

  • Floating Forest 

If you want to nail your CORE AQUATIC SKILLS, get yourself over to The Floating Forest - an island of dense jungle. Grab a thick branch you can use as a noodle, because the beautifully clear water is the perfect place to float face down, blow a few bubbles and stare at the colourful fish. 

  • Cloudfish Cove 

This is where SWIMMING STROKES rule. The home of the mythical Cloudfish, Cloudfish Cove is a magical place with the warmest, clearest water you’ve ever seen. This is where more people swim than walk – as everyone tries to get a glimpse of a fish that’s as elusive as it is beautiful. 

  • Lighthouse Lagoon 

The jagged rocks that surround the Lagoon have claimed many a ship, that’s why WATER SAFETY is so important for those who call it home. Under the watchful gaze of the old lighthouse, you’ll find floats aplenty as our little ones are put through their paces. 

  • Mystery Island 

Miles from anywhere and shrouded in mist, legend has it that this remote island has the power to become whatever you want it to be. Few have been there, but tales of its power still circulate – it becomes especially active when a special event / anniversary occurs. Just how adventurous are you. 

Each week Water Babies customers will explore a new island, taking part in water quests to learn essential swimming safety, and aquatic skills with their friends during their lessons. In the meantime, The Swimvincibles bring excitement to classes and provide figures for the children to look up to throughout their swimming journey. 

Hannah Smith, Director of Aquatics at Water Babies says, “We are thrilled to be bringing our Water Babies lessons to life with our own world, Oceans of Imagination. Every part of our curriculum is centralised around child development and supporting every little one as they grow throughout their early years. 

“With our new exciting islands and amazing Swimvincibles, families will be able to fully immerse themselves into their swimming journey, as it’ll explain to children and carers why we teach the skills we do in our classes, to fully understand their child’s own and unique swimming journey. This is an extremely exciting evolution of the Water Babies programme and we can’t wait to bring our customers on this journey with us to ignite imaginations as they learn. 

Paul Thompson, Founder of Water Babies, says “At Water Babies we have a lot to be proud of – for over 20 years we’ve been providing highly trained teachers and an expertly developed swim programme for babies and young children. When a child becomes part of the Water Babies family, the benefits are far reaching – not just felt by the little ones… but the big ones too. We understand the pressures faced by parents, that’s why our classes are nurturing and supportive in and out of the pool; as well as giving little ones the best start in life, parents/guardians will be immersed in a rich and rewarding social scene with other like-minded people. 

“We’re passionate about holistic learning, and our Oceans of Imagination is tailored to every stage, prioritising children’s personal development. For babies, our classes provide a sensory playground and give parents and little ones the bonding time that’s so important; but as children get older, the program has the scope to develop as they do – becoming more engaging and deepening in relevance and meaning.”  

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