The Importance of Teaching Kids Swimming and Water Safety with Nuffield Health

Not only has the pandemic affected children’s education, they’ve also missed out on learning crucial life skills such as how to swim. Ross Harris, National Fitness Development Manager, explains why we should make sure kids are taught swimming and water safety from a young age.

Swim England’s Impact of Coronavirus on School Swimming and Water Safety Report has revealed that more than one million children could leave school unable to swim. Even before COVID-19, almost one in four children couldn’t swim the statutory 25 metres when they left primary school. The pandemic has meant that almost 1.9 million children across all year groups will have missed out on swimming participation throughout the 2020/21 academic year, with less than 1 in 5 children going swimming in the summer term.

There’s a clear need for children to get back in the pool, otherwise it could have a knock-on effect to their ability, which could continue into adulthood.

Making a splash 

National Baby Swimming Week (4–10 October) was set up by our partner Water Babies, to raise awareness about the benefits of children learning how to swim as early as possible.

Swimming lessons don’t just teach kids water safety skills, they can also boost their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as allow them to socialise and build their confidence, both in and out of the water.

With the effects of the pandemic still very much being felt, it’s never been more important to teach our little ones key swimming skills, which could one day save a life.

Swim England are therefore urging parents to supplement school swimming lessons to help children find their feet in the water.

Swim with Nuffield Health

At Nuffield Health we offer swimming lessons with experienced swim instructors in many of our fitness and wellbeing centres across the UK – from Water Babies classes in over 40 of our gyms (and counting), to our kids’ Learn to Swim programmes and adult one-to-one lessons. 

Find out more about Nuffield Health's swimming lessons and classes here.