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Why should I take my baby swimming?

There are so many benefits to baby swimming lessons. Not only are our lessons brilliant for your child's development, they're also the perfect place to bond with your little one.

Build their strength quicker

Swimming strengthens your little one's heart and lungs, as well as their arm, leg and neck muscles. All this helps with their coordination and balance. It even aids a healthy appetite and improves their sleeping pattern.

Enhance the bond between you

Focused time in the water builds the bond between you and your baby, through skin-to-skin and eye contact. Swimming gives you that time to really connect, away from the demands of daily life.

Teach them water safety

There's nothing more important than your child's safety. Teaching them vital safety skills from the get-go prevents them from developing a fear of the water later and gives them the knowledge to keep themselves safe, wherever they are.

Give them life confidence

When your little one grasps a new skill, this sense of achievement gives them the confidence to try new things. So you'll soon see them flourish in and out of the water.

Develop their social skills

The pool is the ideal place for your little one to develop their social interaction as they play with other babies in the class. It's also a brilliant way for you to meet other like-minded parents too!

Accelerate their learning ability

All the movements that your little one learns in the water strengthen those brain connections. Research has shown that the time your baby spends swimming can put them months ahead with mathematical reasoning and reading.

Let’s get your baby swimming

Getting started couldn’t be simpler. Drop us a message and we’ll get in touch to find the best time and place to get you swimming.

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What do our lessons look like?

Your little one is at the heart of everything we do. When they're ready, we're ready.

  • We keep our classes intimate, with a maximum of 10 little ones, a carer per child and one of our teachers at any one time.
  • Our classes are 30 minutes long. The perfect length for your little one to get the most out of their swim. 
  • We teach all of our water skills through song, play and repetition.
  • Our teachers tailor each lesson to your little one's ability.

Monthly Payment FAQs

  • We want to make paying for our lessons simple and easy for our customers! We want to ensure that each payment is a manageable amount to pay each month which is why we offer Direct Debit. Direct Debits are covered by the Direct Debit guarantee to give you peace of mind and save you time having to remember to make payment.

  • All Water Babies customers will pay for their swimming lessons monthly by card or Direct Debit. Your monthly payments will be made on the 1st of each month for the number of lessons scheduled for that month.

  • All Water Babies customers pay for their swimming lessons by monthly payment. This allows for manageable and flexible payments. We don’t offer alternative payment options.

  • Yes, you can easily do this using your ‘My Water Babies’ account by logging in at

  • Please contact your local Water Babies office. Contact details can be found on our website or on the bottom of any emails you’ve received from us.

  • It is your responsibility to update your card details to ensure payments are being taken from a valid card. You can update your card details in your ‘My Water Babies’ online account.

  • If you have a gift voucher, please let your local office know and they’ll deduct the voucher amount from your first few lessons for you. You’ll be swimming through the number of lessons the gift voucher covers before your monthly payments begin once the voucher runs out.

  • You’ll just need to give us a call or email to let us know if you want to stop your lessons, this will be in line with your notice period.

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We are excited to share with you about the fantastic services we offer outside of our lessons, such as our world-class underwater photography or special deals on our unique baby swimming products that help your little one get the most they can out of their new skills. Additionally, we may occasionally send you carefully selected information about competitions we hold with our partners, or our charity and outreach endeavours. We don’t want you to miss out, so you can choose how we contact you by clicking your preferred communication methods below: here

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5 years of swimming!

My daughter has been swimming with water babies since she was 6 weeks old she is now 5, loves swimming and very confident in the water. Living by the sea it is important to me that she is confident and knows how to be safe in and around water.


Water Babies lessons are such good fun

Water Babies lessons are such good fun for both the children and the adults with them. The swimming instructors are excellent- caring, friendly, fun but clear and informative. I can’t rate Waterbabies high enough!


Great experience with water babies

We absolutely loved taking her daughter swimming! The pool water and room was the perfect temperature which made it relaxing. The instructor was perfect - warm, informative, understanding and fun. We felt very safe and confident during and afterwards. Definitely recommend! Thank you.