Love the Skin You Swim In

At Water Babies, we love to celebrate all of the amazing parents and carers that swim with us. Giving your little one the gift of swimming is all about that special one-on-one time with you and your little one in a judgement free space. This is why we're firm believers in loving the skin you're in. 

In this article, you can find heart-warming stories of confidence and acceptance from the amazing carers we've had the pleasure of speaking to over the last couple of weeks.

We have loved hearing Gemma’s inspiring story since starting her Water Babies journey with her son 10 years ago.

After having her daughter earlier this year, Gemma was seriously unwell in hospital and has only recently re-learned how to walk. Instead, her mum has been taking her granddaughter to classes as Gemma knew the benefits of taking her swimming from an early age.

We have been able to safely introduce Gemma and her family back into the water together. We are honoured to not only be a part of Gemma’s journey, but also be there to support her during her first steps back into the pool 

“Due to surgery, I’ve had a lot more scars so that has hit me quite hard, but everyone has been so welcoming regardless. I’ve learnt to love the skin I swim in because everyone at Water Babies is the same, everyone treats you so kindly, they are all so friendly and it’s just made me come out of my shell and really boosted my confidence” Gemma and Natalya

“The teachers are going to make you feel welcome, the pools are lovely, and the other Mums and Dads have been so kind – we have even made some friends now. Alfie has also improved so much in confidence from his first lesson too” 

Amie, mother to Alfie

“We’re all different shapes and sizes but it’s just about remembering to have confidence in yourself after going through such an amazing transition with your baby”

Maria, mother to Ethan

“I first put a swimming costume on 8 weeks after having a baby so I was definitely nervous to get in the water with all the other parents. After meeting them, I realised that there was absolutely no judgement and everyone was really welcoming. I now feel completely comfortable in my own skin and my priority is Theo learning, having fun and enjoying the swimming pool – no one cares what you look like” 

Linda, mother to Theo

"I started taking my daughter swimming when she was just 3 weeks old so I was a little nervous. I've now spent years doing lessons so my advice to other parents would be to just go for it"

Samanta, mother to Penelope